How to get circle to align with lines on two edges

This is similar to my previous question, as this is unfortunately a frequent quirk in Sketchup I see.
Starting from the left in the below picture, I set a guideline 8 mm to the right. I then used this guideline to create a circle of radius 8 mm. Unfortunately, this circle is touching neither the line to the left, nor the line at the bottom, despite being of the correct radius.

What is the correct way to make sure the circle touches these lines and thus the shape can be completed?

Circles are made of segments, this means the vertices are slightly different to the flat edges.
By pulling your circle out on axis, meaning the tool is showing a red, blue or green axis, the vertices will hit the points you want.
This is also dependent on the number of segments you have used, if it is an odd number you wont hit both guides.
GIF 2-03-2024 11-39-51 AM


@dominikw, not only an even number of segments but divisable by 4! Otherwise your circle will only touch one line max. when pulling on axis.


Yeah the default 24 segments were fine for me. Expanding the circle in the way suggested by Box worked. Thanks for the help all.