How to get a full 3d model of furniture to render for sketchUp vray?

I am a new designer, I want to use the branded furniture from Wayfair and other stores in my 3D model of the space. I want to create a 3D rendered model of the space using the selected furniture. For the selected items, I couldn’t find the 3D model in their 3D warehouse (e.g. Wayfair 3Dwarehouse). How to find a 3D model for these items?
Any help is appreciated.

If it’s not available in the 3D Warehouse, you might check with the manufacturer. There are some other sites that offer SketchUp models like FormFonts and there are a few sites that might offer the furniture models in some other format that you could import into SketchUp. If they don’t have it, you might have to model it yourself or you might consider hiring someone else to do it.

Thank you