How to force Pro trial to expire immediately?

I’m taking a look at Make but don’t want to become dependent on features that will disappear when the Pro trial expires, so I’d like to force the expiration now. I realize there’s a very simplistic comparison chart online (between Make and Pro) but it doesn’t go into much detail. So it would be much simpler to effectively remove my “Pro choices” immediately and avoid the problem altogether.

Short of maybe running the system clock up a month, then back (which I don’t really want to do for other reasons), how can I expire the trial license?


Have a look here.

Perfect. Thanks much.

What about for the Mac? I’d like to skip the Pro trial also …

Are you just trolling now. You say you can’t install on win 10, now you ask about Mac.
If you are serious, did you even click the link in my post which gives directions for Windows And Mac.

I’m not even sure what trolling is but I was successful in installing it on my Mac Laptop but not on my Windows machine. When I clicked your link I only saw instructions for the PC but perhaps I gave up too soon, I will check it again. I apologize for being a newb …

Once again I apologize for not looking closer … I was successful in following your instructions and it is up and running on my Mac Laptop. I would still like to get it running on my PC if that’s possible.