How to flat down or nest parts for CNC cutting

Looking for a plugin that can flat down groups or components of complex model for CNC cutting. Is there anything like that?

model example -

It would be much easier to do it if you were consistent in your modeling and made all of the parts components.

As it is, you’ll need to do quite a lot of work to get everything laid out. Are all of the parts going to be CNC cut or only the panels?

I was hopping for everything. I did see the V carve do the the nesting within I was hopping for it to work inside Sketchup

as a matter of fact I don’t need to to be nested just flat down

As I said, if you’d been consistent in your modeling and made every part a component, this would be trivial. You could set the component axes such that dragging the components out from the In Model components library would make them all lay flat.

At this stage you can copy the bottom level groups from the nested groups and components and rotate them. Probably easiest to rotate them with the Move tool.

I know but that just not my work flow.

Are you against improving your work flow?

no :slight_smile: just it would be too time consuming keeping in mind the axes and all that. All my design start from basic shapes like boxes and are working it through with client to the point he is fine with it. All parts are groups as we go into more details.

How do you keep axes orientation in workflows like this consistent ?
Only way after it would be to redraw it based on the final design.

I have been with sketchup for over 10 years professionally and I rather the technology to help me and consider my workflow, rather than me trying to help the software. Something tells me if it can be done here it be done is Sketchup

Looks like you found your solution. The vectric software will lay all the parts out flat.

I know, but Im looking for a plugin that can do it in sketchup

Did you look at CutMap? Maybe it’ll do what you want.

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There is a plugin that will lay everything flat, guessing that the largest face is the one you want to orientate to the z plane. But it still requires that all your parts are top level rather than nested.
A quick look at your model suggests to me that efficient use of components would allow you to easily reset the axes on the appropriate components and easily lay them out for cutting. When you have multiples of the same you only need one correctly orientated to sort your cutting plan.

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WOW are you kidding me, exactly what I was looking for probably years. Thank you.

so whats the name of the plugin

I developed plug -in , it’s makes cnc for all face in model
maybe this help you

can you share this plugin with us ?

Please do! this is exactly what I am interested in using sketchup for

this plugin its take all the faces in the model and print the faces (cnc) on 2D in html paper.
what exactly you need?
and how I can upload its?

Pini, is you plugin online somewhere so we can download and test it ?

no, I want to do it, but I dont know where I can upload its

ok thy here - - it will upload it to my dive and I\ll publish it here

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