How to find where my pencil is on an already drawn line?

Hi - I tried searching and did not find a specific topic regarding my question. I want to find out where my Pencil is when I hover it over an already drawn line.

Example: I draw a 26 foot line from left to right. I want to then draw a perpendicular line starting at 12 feet in from the left side. Is there an easy way to do that?

Draw another line right on top of it that is 12 ft long from one end. That will put an endpoint where you want it. Cheers.

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Or you can use the measurement tool to drop a guide or guideline. Some people do that too.

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thank you. I just thought (and did) about drawing another line on top. it works because then the tool finds the endpoint.


Inferencing will definitely find the point you’re after. If you edit the style temporarily and turn on Endpoints you can even see the end at the 12 foot mark. That can be useful sometimes, too.