How to find the max value out of 3 values inside a dynamic component

Hey there,
i buildt a dynamic component, wher som calculations are done an displayed in component options.
I calulate 3 values, but only the biggest of the should be displayed. Unfortunately there is no “Max”-Function inside dynamic components available. I think I should use the IF-function like i use it for 2 values: IF(a>b,a,b)…now how the heck i do it with 3 values. .I think i can handle it when i use 2 attribubte-fields. Check the first 2 values, Check the result with the last value, and be happy. But is there a way to do it in only one line?
Someone an idea?

I would appreciate it if someone can help me out

The LARGEST function returns the largest of the values in a list.