How to find proportions?

I’m a 17 years old student from Montreal. Im looking to recreate a neo-classical monument with real proportions for a school project. I struggle tu find the measurement for the most of the monuments. Does annyone know how to find them?

You can look in libraries and online for drawings. Perhaps your local authorities have an archive where you can find documents such as build permits (where I live you can find original build permits for buildings up to about a 100 years old and for everything built or rebuilt since). Horizontal dimensions at ground level can be measured with a measurement tape or by walking along the building and count the steps (with this method you also need to walk a known distance to see how long your steps actually are). Accurate horizontal dimensions can also be found on maps.

For vertical dimensions you can look at the building from some distance, close one eye, hold up a pen towards the building and mark the distance as it is projected onto the pen with your thumb. Then rotate the pen to a horizontal position and you have a horizontal distance on the ground that can be measured as previously explained.

I hope this helps!

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It helped, thanks.

Or you might be able to use PhotoMatch in SketchUp if you take or find a suitable photo, to get vertical dimensions in proportion to horizontal.

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thank you