Layout using two different proportions in one document

Hello, I have exported a top view of a floorplan from Sketchup to LayOut. I chose a blank template in LayOut. When I measure the distance between two objects from the exported file it is measured in the same proportions as the model made in Sketchup. However, when I make a new drawing on top of the exported Sketchup model, then measure that drawing, the proportions are much smaller.

Am I able to make their proportions 1:1 at this point?

In the image you can see a measurement of the model, which is listed as 733", which is accurate. The second measurement is of a feature that I made in LayOut, and it is recorded as 5 1/64". It should be more like 600".

Thanks for your help!

The 5-1/64" dimension is not attached to the model, so it is measuring the actual length on the sheet. You can fix the dimensions to a scale, rather than auto.

Thank you very much! How do I go about fixing them to a scale?

In the Dimension tray, deselect “Auto” then in the box to the right select your scale.

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Aha! Thank you. I used a ratio that was as close as I could find, then I selected all, and resized the image until the paper measurement equalled the model measurement. Presto.