How to find empty spaces in a 2D drawing

Hi there,

I am writing a plugin to generate 2D drawing of 3D model in SketchUp. I am able to generate the 2D elevation(scene) not I want to add dimensions to the 2D. I am stuck in finding the empty spaces in the 2D.

Here the 2D I have

I need to figure out the 3 empty spaces and relative dimensions. Any input would be helpful.

Generally, here in the forum, if there is some sort of problem or challenge with a model, please attach the model or part of it to the post asking the question. Otherwise respondents will just be guessing.

Well that is the issue. Empty space is nothing and so there is nothing to “find”.

We also ask that you at least make an attempt at solving your coding problems, rather than just asking for someone else to do the work for you.

So now knowing you cannot “search” for nothing, thinking logically, what can you search for ?

Also, have you stopped and done the planning for your task in pseudocode, ie, a step-by-step plain language outline?

Lastly, are generating the 2D using the LayOut API ?

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I guess you DO want to add dimensions… (not >> now ) Don’t you?

Please define it!
Here you can see 10 (ten) potential “empty space”. On your 2D, I can see black lines and white background. Which one is the empty? The white one?

As Dan said, better to try to find something (e.g. edge, face ) than “nothing”.