Empty space in model

Hello. I was working on a model of a terrain and after i finished putting textures on the buildings, i noticed that the place where i drew my road is now empty and hollow. I used tools on surface extention to build that “road” and put the asphault texture on. It was fine before but now i noticed its empty. I tried drawing lines around to fill it up but doesnt seem to work. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thank you.

missingroad.skp (2.8 MB)

Draw edges to all vertices that are not in the same plane

Basics of SketchUp: https://learn.sketchup.com/

If there has been a surface, you must have erased it.

Thanks. I probaly will have to redo this. That seems like a lot of manual work. THe surface was there before, just dont know at what point it got deleted. :frowning:

I showed you that to understand the basics of SketchUp. Select the two sides of the road and use the Curviloft plugin


Thank you for this. But I still seem to be doing something wrong. Using Curviloft this is what i get:

*****Figured it out, had to deselect the edges. Thank you for the help!

The Sandbox from Contours command can also be used but it creates parts that you have to erase as it connects the dots using the largest possible footprint available.