How to find a break in a closed loop

How can I find a break in what should be a closed loop? Or is there a way to get the loop to self correct?

One way is to draw edges between vertices across the loop to create faces. Keep going until you narrow down the location of the gap.

You need to make sure all edges are coplanar as well. If they aren’t, you will have a missing face which might make you think there is a gap.

You can try my Edge Tools extension:²


Thanks! I can’t seem to find the break and there are a lot of radiuses connected I was hoping that there would be a way that I could run some kind of an auto check on it.

It could also be a problem I am having with soap skin. I isolated just a section and tried to create a skin and it still comes up that I need to choose 3 sides. Am I missing something in soap skin?

Maybe you could share the SKP file? It would be possible to troubleshoot the problem with it.

You can try Fredos EdgeInspector (from his FredoTools) too…

This looks great, but after installing the extension, I don’t see it in the Extensions menu and I don’t know how to get the toolbar to show up either. It does show up in the Extension Manager, but that’s it.

Can anyone help? Thx.

Did you also install library that goes with thomthoms tool.

Try joining two endpoints in such a way that you divide the loop in two parts that are more less equals.

If there is only one gap, one half will close while the other will stay open.

Repeat this halving method on the open part.

Continue like that and you shall find the problem relatively fast.

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Edge Tools is on the Tools menu.

Thx all. Yeah, I finally found it on the Tools menu. Wasn’t expecting that.

It’s a good idea to look at the description of extensions before you install them. As you can see in Box’s screen shot, it tells you that it’ll be in the Tools menu right before the information about the dependency on TT_Lib2.