Cannot close loop

Hi everyone

I took a png, and to make a smaller file, I traced the exterior using the freehand tool. I’ve used ThomThom’s edge tool to check for any breaks, but I can’t find any. Can’t seem to close the loop on the model. Any ideas?


Draw lines across the shape to get faces. You should be able to erase them when you have the faces completed. There’s at least four places that will create a problem where a single edge extends into the shape. Shown selected in the upper right. Erase that one first.

In addition there are a number of smaller loops that won’t do you any good. You could delete those edges. Two of them shown here.

Brilliant Dave.

I did see you had posted something similar for someone else, but for some reason it wasn’t working for me before. Now it does!! Well happy. Thanks again

I gave @eneroth3 Face Creator a try, and it closes off all of those little areas. When I deleted those the face creator extension did fill in all of the gaps. Curious that it didn’t fill in the large area at first.

Fat+Henry+Flower+Model+fixed.skp (118.9 KB)

Thanks Colin