How to fill the gap between two dissimilar hight cylinder


I couldnt fill the gap between two dissimilar hight cylinder. could anyone can help me. I will printed it out via 3d printer

battery-2.stl (158.8 KB)


It would be easier just to rebuild it.


Kept this e-mail for future use . . Like this kind of show and tell . .

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Ohh. Great job. Thank you very much. I did it and it worked.

Have a good day/

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I have such a love-hate relationship here sometimes.

You beat and beat your head on something and just as you are ready to squirt lighter fluid and burn your mouse you post here and it’s like, “OH, that is soooooo simple” So clearly, I am a total moron! LOL!

I love how easy it is and hate the same hate how stupid it can make me feel sometimes! :slight_smile:

Is there anything wrong?