How to extend a curved leg

Hello all …
Hope you are safe and same wherever you are …
I’m a beginner, but can get around pretty good in SU.
Some things, I just can’t get started.
Here is one such issue.
I have this curved leg. I want to extend both ends by some determined amount, probably an inch or so.
If I do a push/pull on the end, of course it heads off crooked.
I wonder is someone could get me started on how to do this.
Appreciate any thoughts on this and thanks in advance.
Not sure how to attach my model at this point. We’ll try until I get it.
Windows 10
SU 2017

Nope, it didn’t ask me to attach.
How do I do that?

Drag and drop the .skp file into a reply to this post.

Extend the leg.skp (76.9 KB)

Would it help to look at this together?

I’ve extended the curves will beyond what you need. I don’t know how much further you want to extended them so you can work on that.
Extend the leg.skp (83.7 KB)

As for how I did it, I found the center of the arcs. SketchUp calls them curves after you modified them. Then I created additional arcs from that center.

Not sure I understand?
How would that happen?
I’d like to see how far I could get, but not opposed to help.
I just need some direction.
I don’t see an email.

What’s that? Looking at it together? I would set up a screen sharing session and send you a link to it via a private message.

Take a look at the file I uploaded, then. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas. I just figured it’s easier to show than to type words about it.

Man, some days I just feel like an idiot.
I can’t find your attached file.
Would our session be talking or by message?
I’ve never done that before, but open to it.

Go up to my post. It’s right in the middle.

I would set up a screen sharing session via GoToMeeting and share my screen. You can use your computer’s mic and speakers or your phone to talk to me.

I went ahead and sent you a PM. Click on your avatar at the top right corner of the forum page.

Can I take a rain check on chatting with you.
Would a later date work for you?
Something here has come up and I need to deal with it.
I would check in with you before doing so.
Let me know.
I certainly appreciate the offer to help.

Yeah. No problem Drop me a PM later.