How to export a 2d Floorplan from Sketchup Studio free trial

Hi everyone, I am having a problem exporting / saving my Floorplan in any type of file format to my laptop. How can I do this? is it because it a free trial period? I don’t have much longer left of this trial and I need this Floorplan saved… Can anyone please help!? Thank you

Are you using the SketchUp Shop trial or the SketchUp Pro trial? What format do you want it in? You can export in any one of these file types from SketchUp Shop.

It is a Free trial of Sketchup Studio. There is an export option as you show but then no drop down options are coming up. When I click on export it does nothing

I wonder if you are using SketchUp Free instead of SketchUp Shop. SketchUp Free is much more limited in the export options.

What operating system are you using and what browser?

If you are in the trial period, you have access to the desktop client, eg. SketchUp Pro running on your desktop with LayOut and StyleBuilder along with it.
Trial is 30 days and gives access to Sefaira, the energy analyser, too. Hence the name Studio trial.

Ok, so can this saved document be accessed and opened via Sketchup Pro or Layout ?

I am on using an Apple MacOS

You can always download the .skp which then can be opened with the dektop version.
Did you download the desktop app and install it?

Yes I have. So I can excess it through this? Perfect! I will try this now

I have a support case where someone using Safari was not getting the export options menu. It may have been a temporary issue, things are working for him now, and they were working for me all along.

If you see something odd while using the web version, try the same test in a different browser.