How to erase elements or artifacts which are visible only after rendering?

Hello - has somebody ever encountered this kind of bug/error:

there are ghost elements or artifacts not visible in sketchup but visible after rendering - in this case vray
white rod beneth the table like some element from the floor lamp etc. i have tried every logic solution like fix problems purge etc. nothing works and helps.

If you turn on hidden geometry in your SketchUp model do you see anything that would create that artifact?

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Hello Dave. Nope. nothing in styles shows that. its a clear bug. but how to reset this? good question. this kind of bugs are quite constant. after downloading some model and then canceling it somehow sometimes a part is still visible in vray. i also used cleanup extension

How about sharing your SketchUp model file so we can have a look? Maybe we can identify something that is causing the problem.

If it’s a bug it must be a problem with Vray. Have you contacted their Customer Support?

hello, do you have an active section cut by any chance ?

what about section cuts does it matter in this case? its of i think

It could matter. If you have section cuts active and that one of them cuts objects in your model that have misoriented faces, vray would randomly render artifacts like the one you get.
That is why I was asking.