How to EDIT [change size] of a SOLID?

SU 17, HP Pavilion 500;
P/P rectangle to form - BAR.
Can I edit the size?

Yes in multiple ways. You can p/p again. You can select and move a face or line or you can select the BAR and use the scale tool. If these concepts are confusing you might want to check out some of the introductory videos on getting started.

Hello @gripwin,

I see that you continue to post very cryptic messages. Fortunately for you, @endlessfix was able to decipher your inquiry and provide a response, but for most users it is too exasperating to even try to offer an answer.

As you were informed several months ago, you must consider how your posts will be interpreted by other Forum users and take steps to ensure that the information you submit is easily understood. This is not only for your benefit, but also for that of other users. One of the intentions of this Forum is to educate other members and this is frequently accomplished through reading the inquiries and solutions posted by others, so it is imperative that the posts be understandable. Why is it so difficult to ask a question using complete sentences?

The referenced post would have been augmented if you had uploaded a skp file to illustrate what you were looking for, or failing that, submitting an image file to indicate the solid whose size you wanted to alter.

You are being encouraged PUBLICLY to be mindful of the comprehensiveness of every post you submit in the future because, having been admonished previously for repeatedly submitting unclear and confusing posts, the admins are scrutinizing this state and when or if your posts exhibit cryptic, incomprehensible language, they again will be flagged, edited or even deleted.

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Why are you writing such extreme short and cryptic posts? I assume “SU 17, HP Pavilion 500;” means you are using SketchUp 2017 on a HP Pavilion 500. Why don’t you write as a full sentence “I am using SketchUp 2017 on a HP Pavilion 500.” so everyone can easily understand it? Do you have a problem typing and therefore rely on such brief messages?

I assume P/P means PushPull but what do you mean by " - BAR"?

For changing size scale tool is usually a good choice.

To improve; how should it be edited?



Ii dawned on-me,[@2: last night - use SCALE.
Works ideal!

Just the word TOOLS … helps ø.
here can I obtain info?

Sorry… I was being sarcastic with my reply. The fact is, your cryptic, breif posts do not allow for much help. People end up spending half the time in these posts trying to work together to figure out what you are asking for. We KNOW you can deliver well-written, clear requests. When you do so, the community jumps in to help. If you want help with SketchUp, tell us what you are looking to do or the trouble you are having in complete sentences and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Exactly! I think you are beginning to understand.

Maybe this article helps: Sentence clause structure - Wikipedia.

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I’;; try to add more detail.

Could you also try to leave out what is unnecessary and only makes reading harder? E.g. randomly placing symbols such as “;”, “.”, “…” “[” in the middle of sentences and writing random words in bold or all UPPERCASE when there is no reason to do so?

Hi @gripwin: As the others have said, we’re just trying to better understand what you’re asking, and to do so, we need more information. Your quoted phrase above is not a sentence or a question, and it’s very confusing because of the abbreviations you’re using. Please try to use the full name of the tool(s) instead of abbreviations and provide as much detail as possible when you’re writing your question.

You would do well to use the edit tool (the pencil icon at the bottom right corner of the reply box) to review your posts after submitting them and to modify posts as necessary. This will help you to confirm just how understandable the post seems in reality.

The easy check is to only write using full coherent sentences, no abbreviations unless the meaning is obvious, avoid paltry phraseology, punctuate appropriately, and illustrate when it helps to get your point across. Also review the Forum Guidelines which are included here for your review for the umpteenth time.

Thank you!
I an unable tp find: 'edit tool (the pencil icon at the bottom right corner of the reply box) '.
How proceed?

HOLD! Not on this page … appears…when reply is posted …

This entry is better, but for example could have been written like this…

Thank you!
I am unable to find the edit tool (the pencil icon at the bottom right corner of the reply box)
How should I proceed?

The edit pencil is present on any entry that you wrote, it allows you to go back and change errors, typos or extraneous punctuation symbols. It looks like this.

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