How to easily join 2 pieces of geolocation terrain?


So, i have one small, thus precise/hires terrain/imagery from the neighbourhood, and a bigger, rougher one.
Now i want to join them into one, or, actually, just modify so they do fit together without gaps.
I already cut a hole of the smaller one’s size into the big one, but now i need to alter the big one, so the two terrains match…
I think it can be done by a lot of manual moving, but i also imagine someone has a nifty trick up the sleeve to get the job done quickly?

I guess the screenshot is clear… some areas need to move up, some down, to make the big terrain meet the small one…


patching in is easier if you remove the ring of outer faces [on the inner one] first…

these are normally a smaller size than the standard grid, unless you somehow magically made your selection exactly on the grid lines…

view in Monochrome with Hiden Geometry showing and you’ll see which I mean…



If memory is correct I think there is a add imagery option in SU or maybe its Google Earth


It’s on SketchUp, and yes, it does it for you. Easy Peasy.


“Quickly” depends upon how fast you are at tweaking geometry.
There is no magic trick that can instantly make the two TINs into one functional terrain.
The up side is you’re about to become a Move/Inference Lock Black Belt.

See this topic for ideas…