How to duplicate components and get them to all change the same way

That’s my complaint with help files and manuals especially for software. You almost need to know the answer to your question before you can search for it.

I won’t claim the SketchUp help is at all well constructed. I sometimes struggle to find the right page when addressing a question here on the forum. Often I give up and write an essay of my own (famous for tldr replies).

Big firms don’t let the developers write the documentation or help files, they hire professional writers who actually know nothing about programming. That’s a big help because the developers invariably use language that means something to them, but not to a non-developer. We Sages are also often guilty of assuming you know what all the terms mean. That’s one reason why an animation using the same platform is more effective than words.

Elementary school teacher here. I use SketchUp for Schools with my 3-5th graders to build and design. I can totally relate to your frustration at finding videos that are geared to the EDU version. I’ve taken to making my own videos for kids based on my limited knowledge. It can be very frustrating to find a video that answers you question only to find that 5 minutes in, they use a plug-in that you can’t get on the web version. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to slowly learn little by little over a few years. Good luck!

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