How to draw a room addition including walls?


I want to add a pop out room addition. Should the walls be done as separate components? I started out as adding a box, but quickly realized I can not manipulate the individual faces(walls) with that approach. I want to add windows, doors etc. What is the basic approach most commonly used?


Hello and you may consider what is best for your needs. Groups and components share some of the same traits but components add another level of control. I would suggest grouping each wall // floor // ceiling so other geometry wont interfere with these. Use components for instances that are multiple copies or you want any changes to one. Be reflected in all the others say if windows are the same size, changing one will do them all. As you can always edit each wall as its own group and include any component into it. So each wall is its own self but editing one window will change all the others in each group.

Follow the link and page two will give you some insight on groups vs. components …there is a running debate on the site as to which one is better…?? Each one serves it own personal purpose, as your application sees fit.


What is a “pop out” room addition? Are you modeling this from scratch or incorporating it into an existing model? If an existing model, is it of your own construction or someone else’s?

In any event, the most common method for modeling a structure with both exterior and interior detail is to draw the footprint first (two-line plan) and then pull it to height, creating both interior and exterior walls at once. You can then proceed to add doors, windows, and roof.

Personally, I seldom group or componentize individual walls, since they need to merge with adjacent walls. The exception is if I wish to control visibility of certain walls individually. Certainly, if you want to be able to turn a particular wall off and on, it should be grouped separately.

You could use components, but groups work okay, since presumably the configuration of each wall is unique. You can group all walls together at some point. Doors and windows should of course be separate components so they can be handled as a unit without sticking to things.