How to draw a representation of 3D signature in sketchup?

How to draw a representation of 3D signature in sketchup. I have to create a free hand 3d signauture using one line.

With your Free Plan you only have the “freehand” tool. With pro suscription and one iPad you can do with your apple pencil in a more precise way.

Online SU version so no extentions available.

  • Import (a handwritten) image. (not done here though!)
  • Trace that with the ‘Freehand’ tool (or other tools: arc or line etc.) to complete.
  • adjust vertices if needed
  • select all (or parts) and slightly rotate (only a few degrees) the selection around a chosen pivot vertex (see example screenshot below: around rightmost vertex)
  • trace edges to create faces
  • clean the enclosed signature faces (erase inside edges) to only keep te most needed faces outlined by your signature
  • pull up the remaining faces to height
  • smooth/soften vertical edges

3D signature.skp (154.7 KB)

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If, on the other hand, you are using SketchUp Pro as the 23.1 in your profile would imply, you could import a .png image of the signature with a transparent background and use Image Trimmer from SKM Tools to create the geometry. Image in the foreground.

Also, if you are really using SketchUp Pro and not the free online version, please fix your forum profile. It helps us help you but only IF that information is accurate.

You can also use freehand tool as others have mentioned, and then just draw a circle or any shape…

and then use the FollowMe tool to extrude the shape along your signature: