How to Draw 2 foot Contour Lines from 10 foot lines import


I have tried and tried to make good contour lines from Google Earth or EARTH EXPLORER.USGS.GOV. I can’t seem to get smooth lines or enough lines to be 2 ft lines. Anyone out there working with contour lines? Thanks for your help!



Here is how I have done this.

  1. Select the 10’ interval contours.
  2. Use the Sandbox From Contours tool to create a surface
  3. Create a “stack” of faces that are 2’ apart vertically.
  4. Intersect the surface and the stack to produce the 2’ contours.
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I am a beginner with Sketchup. Could you be a little more specific and
add a few more steps? And where to you get the data to import. I need
an accurate map. Thanks!!!



If you are looking for data that will give you the accuracy required for 2’ contours, I don’t think you are going to find it. For that type of accuracy, you will need a 1:1 site survey or 1"=50’ map from 1500’ stereo aerial photography.produce by an aerial mapping company.

After creating the stack of faces, make them a Group. Move the surface or the stack so that faces of the stack intersect the surface. Intersect Faces>With Model. Delete or move the ‘stack’ group and the surface group. This should only leave the 2’ contours.



Thank you for your kind reply. I will work with this. has 5
ft data but I have not been able to import the shp or dem file into
sketchup. Have you used these files?



Sorry, no I haven’t.


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