How to disable semi-transparency

Here I have ground rectangle and above it there is yellow tape strip made of material, which is opacity 100 (not transparent). But SU8 makes the texture semi-transparent when I zoom out, the line of the rectangle is completely visible. How to turn this off?

You seem to be experiencing what is called Z-Fighting in 3D modelling but I’m not completely sure. If you could share your file, it’d be easier to provide help.


Try to give the top rectangle a slight thickness or try this:

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The planes are not in same level. The yellow tape should be about 0,05mm above floor. Floor and green rectangle are in same level but I plan to create opening in the floor.z-fighting.skp (185.5 KB)

There is no ‘good work-around’ to this problem (afaik), check this out Edges Bleeding Through Geometry | SketchUcation

Here i gave them 1mm thickness and Shift+erased the problematic edges (as i suggested before)
z-fighting_edit.skp (201.2 KB)

What are you modelling?

OK, I will try to push pull I will create new topic.

The two faces are too close together at that distance. They might as well be in the same plane as far as your graphics card is concerned.

Just divide the large gray surface and paint inner and outer regions.

I added the thickness and this helped. Thanks

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