How to design for prusa i3 printer

Hello I 'm Eljo and work at a school where we teach technique .

I want sketchup to create a design for our Prusa i3 3D printer which I can slice later in Cura.

If I open sketchup in mm there is a Replicator 2 printer layout instead of a Prusa i3 . Now when we save to stl and import into Cura there is a big flat surface below the design bigger than our Prusa i3

How do I get it Prusa i3 building surface / ontwerpbox

The 3d template has a default printer as a guide. To be honest it’s pretty much a useless waste of space. The idea of it is the give you a visual guild so you know how big you can make your model. It is just geometry, nothing magical.
Delete it and purge the model.

Usually when you export your stl you can select the piece and choose the option, only export selected, this will export only what you want even if you still have the other printer in your model.

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