How to cut an opening through multiple components without it all falling apart

sorry for the typo thanks for pointing it out.

I know my way of getting what I wanted to create may not have been ideal
I have a sphere/imitating our globe where people can walk up through very tight spiral stairs
Then they get to small auditorium like at medical university to sit and watch
I need to make an opening for them to be able to walk up without hitting their avatar head
as they can’t walk through floors and walls.
How can I choose all the components and explode them
I used a system of cubes that I rotated like an array to get to the look
I only need half of the circular floor to be open as there will be balustrades to frame all the rest.
I took me quite some time to create this space that’s inside a rocket and the globe is the top like of a spaceX head :slight_smile:
Thank you.
edit/ I add the look of where all this is happening inside so that’s why I am a bit concerned
of it affecting the globe although the inside structure is not part of it.

Possibly Visuhole from Fredo6, at Sketchucation.

OK thank you will try

Other options are Double Cut by Mind Sight Studios or WallCutter by Flextools

I’m not as familiar with Visuhole or Double Cut as FlexTools, but FlexTools can’t straddle more than one face in order to cut a hole. It can cut through multiple layers, but it won’t cut through a ball, or curved face or corrugated face, etc. Perhaps what you need is to make a cutter object and use solid tools, or better yet, Eneroth’s solid tools. The latter works better with components.

You’re right, I thought it was possible. I tested with profile builder and it could be a possibility.

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Which one is that? Visuhole?

This one from Profile Builder

Doh! :man_facepalming: How did I not even have that on my radar? Thanks.

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I am not a sage or big specialist. But I have come across very often of the need to cut through multiple layers . It may not sound kosher to many.
What I do, is I make the cutting shape I need
I use push pull to get though the layers.
Then use intersect model .
And delete all the layers needed. But one, of you need ac glass off the same shape.
It may not be the fasted method but for me it always works nearly anything flat round ball volume. Sometime you need to push or pull more than once as it may tell you:
“Limited to x mm” (most likely the next line it needs to cut)
Then it is most likely to proceed further again.
I am about to do this. I need to cut like several oval hublot Windows though a double inclined wall.
Then to make the edge I use follow me and give it the desired window frame volume an add the glass that I keep from one of the cut out that I pulled or pushed and turned into a group.
I don’t often or rather near never give advice here. I mostly ask for it.
I hope this one attempt may work for some of you.
Especially on older version like SK19