How to create Roof Fascia Assembly


Hi Dale,

It was nice to meet you at the final lunch at 3DBC. I am trying to learn more of what I can do with Profile Builder and I started with trying to build an assembly that will create my roof fascia boards when the eaves are plumb cut. I am having a hard time figuring out how the axes work on the profile members and how that relates to the components, as well as how the axes is placed in newly created assembly groups. Do you have any best practice suggestions or learning resources for creating these types of assemblies that will be created off model axes? I am trying to use a bottom and top component that is “cut” plumb to the roof pitch with a middle profile member. The first one I started is for a 10:12 roof pitch. I am also wondering if there is a way to pre-hide the edges on the profile member where they intersect with the top/bottom components so it looks seamless? Or maybe you have ideas for a better way to build what I am trying to do here. Thanks!

Roof_Fascia_Assembly.skp (102.4 KB)

Hello Kevin - great to meet you too! It looks like you are on the right track for your assembly! For this one, you would want to first set your model axes has the red axis aligned with the slope of the roof. Then, the end component will be placed correctly at the end. Actually, PB should do this even without changing the model axes but this appears to be a bug that I need to fix!

For components, just make sure that the red-axis of the component aligns with the path direction of the assembly (in your case, along the roof slope)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide any edges of the Profile Members. I have considered adding this option as a future feature but currently it is not possible.