How to create new texture folders in paintbucket

I am trying to develop a library of additional texture folders in the paintbucket tool. This is what I am attempting to do. 3D wharehouse > and I am searching in this instance “anchor block” > I decided to select "Kingston plus pavers and I hit download, which loads directly into my drawing. I than hit explode. When I open up the paintbucket tool, I now see all of them in my “model”, and I can now use all of the 5 textures how I please. This is what I want to do, and for the life of me, cannot figure out how to do this. I want to create an “Anchor Paver” folder, a folder just like the other folders that came with Sketch Up, such as "roofing, “stone”, or “carpet and textiles”. I not only want to use these new textures just in this model, but on any new models I develop. So, how do I create a new folder, and than save these 5 textures into this folder, and eventually add more textures to my newly created “Anchor Paver” Folder. Thank you.

Have a look here


Bestistmate, thank you very much. I finally with your help, have been able to make new libraries with new textures.