How to create circles aligned by center points

I’m trying to draw a 3" by 5" rectangle that’s .75" deep and place a matrix of small holes in it. The holes need to be aligned by their center point.

I can copy a hole, but I can’t find an easy way to line them up correctly.

Any suggestions?



I would start with the rectangle as it’s own group. Then after making your first circle, double click to select it, open the three dots menu at the bottom and you’ll see the “find center” option, which will give you an easy center guide to grab.

Then you can either group that circle with its center point or just grab it all and move/copy it in arrays or whatever you need. You can move it without the center point or with so that all the resulting copies can either have the guide or not.

In the end when you’re done with the guide(s) you just open the tape measure tool or protractor tool and hit the “delete all guides” tool, making cleanup easy.


You are making this harder than necessary! Select the circle, activate the move tool, grab any point on the circle and move it the desired distance in the desired direction. All points of the circle, including the implied center, will move the same amount in the same direction.

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O use the KBS face tool, it has also a tool to find the center of any geometry or group and a tool to find the center of an arch, having those guide points will help you to align better the circles.

Thank you, this is working perfectly.

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Thanks, I’ll try this

Thank you