How to create a randomized grid of intersecting shapes?

Let’s say you need to create a design for an item that’s made from bars/strips that have the same cross-section, but placed and aligned at different angles. Something like this design:

I’m trying to use Random Tools but not getting results anywhere near what I want.

Basically, I need to say “fill [this shape] (long rectangle) with [triangles and skewed rectangles], at equal distances to each other (width of bar cross-section), without collisions or intersections.”, and I can’t figure it out.

Top attempt is Random Tools placing rectangles on a face, with rotation variance.
Bottom attempt is Random Tools placing triangles on a face, with rotation & scale variance.
Neither is what I want.

Any advice?

You could try an extension that does “scattering”

There are other extensions which do similar things for generating fur etc. Could be used for scattering and randomizing other shapes.

I’d do it manually. It just seems more straightforward and simpler. The pattern isnt as random as you think, it’s following a general rule.

Just start placing lines in a web pattern, connecting dots essentially, on a plane. After that it’s just a matter of offsetting to create the windows and popping them out.

Spend multiple years getting a degree in design and mechanical engineering or jewelry fabrication. Or pay a professional to create it for you.

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looks a bit like a Voronoï Diagram.

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Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Ring with random holes.skp (629.8 KB)