How to convert to dfx for cnc in pro on ipad

Hi use sketchup pro on ipad. Anybody knows how to convert files to dfx for cnc?
Thank you!

Do you mean you use SketchUp for iPad?

Yes idd

That’s not SketchUp Pro, then.

See the Help article for SketchUp for iPad:


  • Export… - Export the file to a .png, .mp4, .usdz, .stl, or .obj format. After choosing an export option it may take a moment for SketchUp to convert the file. After the conversion is finished, SketchUp opens the iOS share widget where you can save, share or send the file to whatever location, app or person you choose.

There is currently no .dxf export option.

Make sure you have the model available in Trimble Connect.
Open a browser and go to and open the model there.
You can export to .dxf from the browser.