How to change which is the Front?

I have imported a couple of things from 3D Warehouse. The original artist’s idea of what should be the front is different than mine. Referring to standard camera views. Is there a way to change this? I am talking about single objects, not elaborate constructions.


probably the simplest thing when starting out is to drag select the object >> right click >> ‘Flip Along’ >> select red, green or blue

experiment, ask again if it not helpful…


Well, you can simply rotate the objects with the Rotate tool.

Keep in mind that for the standard Front view the camera faces north, so orient your object so that the face you want to be Front faces south.

Are you sure you really care? The designations on the View buttons are arbitrary and just for reference. Also, keep in mind that those “standard views” are pretty unnecessary in 3D space anyway. It’s much more natural looking at objects in a 3D perspective view, as you would in the real world.

Flip along would actually reverse the object (make its mirror image) rather than simply change its orientation.


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good point…

Got the Rotate to work. Had tried it before but evidently wasn’t doing it right. This time I looked at the Top view, and then Rotated 90 deg.