How to change the number of fillet tools 2d segments?

hello everyone I am trying to find a tool to help me create transitions and then deploy but I have several problems

  1. the arc tool seems to do what I want but I can’t set the rarity to get the fillet which takes a long time to do with that tool.
  2. then look for a plugin in sketchucation and it seems to do what I’m looking for, it has the option to add the radius to it and then the tool automatically rounds the corners but I can’t find how to change the density of segments with this tool.

    To be able to unfold the piece, they must have the same number of segments in both the upper and lower part but I do not get
    find a tool where you can reduce the number of segments and then add a radius to automatically fillet :frowning_face:

Copia_automática_tolva.skp (162.9 KB)

SU2017-Copia_automatica_tolva.skp (244.8 KB)

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many thanks. :grin:
What tool do I use to make the surface?
and to unfold it

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I still do not discover how to generate that object as clean as yours
I am using curviloft since I don’t know any other method. can you tell me how you do it?

You’re welcome!

I used Curviloft, but only for half of the object, then mirror, and Unwrap and Flatten Faces.

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that’s great I really appreciate it