How to Change Background Color in Pre-Made Templates in SketchUp Layout?

I’ve been trying to change the paper color in a pre-made template in SketchUp Layout, but I’m having trouble. When I use a blank page, I can easily change the paper color via the Document Setup. However, this method doesn’t seem to work for pre-made templates. For example I want to change the attached template color from white to blue. How can I achieve that?
Untitled.layout (20.2 KB)

What steps are you using exactly? I opened your file and went to Document Setup>Paper, clicked on the Color swatch and selected a blue color in the Colors panel.

I am doing the same but noting changes

You haven’t selected the color swatch to the right of the word Color in the Paper section of the window. You haven’t told LayOut to apply that color to anything yet. Notice in my screenshot the frame around that swatch is dark because I clicked on it.

Screenshot - 6_30_2024 , 12_13_43 PM

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Yes, Thank you so much.