How to calculate volume of tires structure

I drew a pyramidal tire structure and grouped it as a component, but the entity info doesn’t give information
about its volume.
Is there any way to calculate its volume with SU?
Thanks in advance

Are you able to show a picture of what you mean? I would say without knowing exactly what it looks like, draw around the component with a solid structure to make a single volume, then measure the internal volume of that shape.

I agree, what sort of volume do you want. The volume of the rubber in the tyres, the volume of the multiple cylinders that the tyres represent or the total volume of the pyramid.

It’ll certainly help to see what you’ve drawn so uploading the SKP file will help us help you.

In order to get a volume, the component must be a solid. Select the component and look at Entity Info. If it doesn’t saw Solid Component, you’ll have work to do to make it solid.

Hi, thanks for your reply
sorry I couldn’t see how I can include an image in a post, didn’t recognize the image upload symbol in my editor…here it is:


As for using the volume of the tires, this would not be of much help since the internal part of the structure doesn’t have tires but it should still be filled with sand (as the tires will).

Thanks. How can I make it a solid?

The exact steps depend on exactly how you drew it. Use the same method you used to upload the image to upload the SKP file.

If you make another layer or document:

  1. Merge all cylinders into one model

  2. Fill in the outward facing gaps

  3. Create a component

You can then measure the internal volume.

tyres-pyramid.skp (149.3 KB)

I would fill up the shapes like this and then copy and paste all external walls into a new shape and measure the interior space.

Probably a quicker way or maybe even a plugin that one of the other folks may know of

hum…I understand how to fill the tires but not quite how to “copy and paste all external walls into a new shape and measure the interior space.”

Silly me, they are all the same components, so if you just want the volume of the tires and the interiors you can measure one and multiply by how many you have?

If they are solids, just look at how many there are in entity info and multiply that by the volume shown in entity info.

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sure but I don’t have tires in the interior…there is one layer of tires, in the base, just bordering the circle shape, and the interior is filled with sand, then there is another higher layer of tires resting on the ones below and the center has no tires only sand, etc.
Of course I can calculate the volume of 1 tire and multiply that for as many tires, then I can calculate
the amount of sand of each internal layer, etc. but I was trying to see if there was any way withing SU that could this automatically…

BTW, if you need to do something destructive like explode everything into one big volume, I usually do that by making a new document, copy and paste into the new document and do it there. The original stays intact for further manipulation.

This is the point of explaining exactly what you want. Not only are there many options to what you are asking, there are many ways to do things in SU.

You could do something really basic to get cubic meters. Looks like you are in the area of 13.75.

Thanks, this seems like a cool things to do, still if I do it like this, the calculated volume will be bigger than what I actually need, because there are all these “triangles” between each tire that will have no sand in the real situation. May be I can calculate the volume of this triangle, multiply it for the amount of triangles and subtract it from the volume calculated in this way.

It sounds like you need to just go with my original suggestion, It will give you the same sort of solution as what Shep did for you but without any gaps. Basically you just need to image one large shape instead of many.

I’ll try then. But how can I merge the cylinders?
What do yo mean by [quote=“liamk887, post:19, topic:62104”]
Fill in the outward facing gaps
[/quote]? Are you referring at the holes in the middle of each tire?