How can I make SU to give the m3 of this?

Hi, I am following up with my model of tires…
Ok, I initially had drawn tires that weren’t realistic since I drew them like this:

As yo can see the internal part of the tire is closed, and the volume that SU calculates seems to be the volume of the closed “ring” (or torus).

But what if I’d want to calculate the volume of the real tire shape, such as this:

As you can see SU doesn’t give any indication as what volume is involved. My idea was to be able to calculate the sum of the internal tire volume + the volume of the cylinder in the middle by making this “real” tire a component. Does it make sense?
Or shall I have to resort to manual calculation?

The tyre has no volume because it has no thickness. You need to make the inner skin to have a calculable volume.
Here’s a very rough demo of how to do it with follow me.

Ok, I see, but then it would calculate the volume of the skin only. Is that correct?

If you want the volume of the air in the tyre you need to model that space.
Here’s the sand space going on my other gif. Your shape will vary.

Thanks, I’ll look into it…need to study better the follow me tool :slight_smile:

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