How to begin

The getting started for beginners tutorial shows the quadrants in which to begin drawing a rectangle. But, there is no mention of where on the page to place the beginning of the rectangle. The tutor simply arbitrarily clicks the mouse someplace to begin without explaining… why there?
So, where is the best place to begin a project.??

I think it’s personal preference but you should keep your model near the origin. I prefer to start my models on the origin and work to the right along the solid red axis and to the back along the solid green. With the front of the model along the red axis, the standard views will make sense. That doesn’t neccesarily apply to architectural models that are geo-located on a site, though.

In this model I started with the left side of the case with the front left corner at the origin.

Don’t worry too much. If your model is not positioned correctly, you can reposition it with the Move tool.

if it is not oriented correctly, you can reorient it with the Rotate Tool.

Of course, as pointed by Dave, starting at the intended point and orienting the model correctly as you build it can save you a couple of steps.

Thanks Jean [and Dave]
That was what I was getting at about where to start efficiently The tutorials just slap the example project onto the screen without mentioning the importance [or not] of the starting positioning relative to th e displayed axis on it.Seems like you should confine yourself within one quadrant?