How to become a verified company in the 3D Warehouse?


Hi Guz,

sorry for hijacking this thread and contacting you this way. I just registered to this Sketchup forum for this purpose, normally I’ve been active in the sketchucation forums. I can not send private messages yet and did not want to spam some messages just to be allowed to send :wink:

I would like to add us as verified company too. How can I get in touch with you?

Please excuse me in case I’ve missed a more relevant thread, but if not, maybe you want to consider a pinned thread for aquiring verification.

Or is there any other way I just did not find?

Kind regards, Niko

I’ve sent a message through the panel on the warehouse main page, but can’t say if it worked or not, as i didn’t get any message on screen confirming if it was sent.
Does anyone know how long it takes for the team to reply or verify the account?

Ok! Looks like things should be back online by the end of the week.
To understand how to switch context between your Personal account and Org account, you can read this 3D Warehouse: The Migration to Orgs

If your account is migrated to an Org, but you don’t see your models as products, let me know. That’s the part that we are awaiting completion. But, we won’t be waiting much longer! :slight_smile:

Hi! You could verify the Vasart:

I’ll send this over to the team today.