3d warehouse product creation

Hi, does anyone know how to turn a model into a product on 3d warehouse? I know when editing under ‘additional options’ there should be a toggle for creating a product but this simply isn’t there, I can only see ‘Private model’ or ‘Disable comments’

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Some of how that works changed a while ago, and there are times when the option isn’t there while something is being updated.

@TheGuz will know.

Hi knotartesanal!
The move to Products happens for verified building product manufacturer models once the account has been verified. The team uses a set of criteria to validate accounts daily. Largely, this depends on things like:
-Does the account have a business domain/URL?
-Does the account have a contact email address on that business domain?
-Has a company logo been added to the account profile?
-Have models been uploaded with URL links back to the business’ product page?
-Does the account have its URLs updated for social media?
The team will be looking out for you!

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Ok many thanks Guz!
We tick all of those boxes so hopefully they’ll get round to us soon enough in that case.

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I once created an account for fun/testing:

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@TheGuz Is there a way to submit a profile for review? I had created a new profile for a new brand of ours 10 days or so ago. I have a link back to our website and the contact email uses the company domain but it is still does not have the Product option. It also does not have the Catalog option as part of the tool set, nor does the profile show up in any searches even when searching by product title of hash tags. Are all those features governed by the same approval process?




Hey kmerino! Can you let me know if it works for you now?

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@TheGuz Yes, I have the both Catalog and Product features now! Thank you for your help!

Hi @TheGuz, looks like we’re still waiting for verification a couple of months in. Similar to kmerino is there anything we can do? Thanks!

Hey knotartesanal! We have found you and you are good to go!
(sorry for the wait)

Ok perfect many thanks Guz!

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