How to become a verified company in the 3D Warehouse?

Hi guys! I can’t find any information on this on the web, so I hope someone can help.

I’m working for a company who is selling (real-life) lamps. At the moment I am uploading models of the lamps to the 3D Warehouse, on behalf of the company. How will I manage to get the company/models verified, as we can see in the distinction between ‘Products’ en ‘Models’?

There is a “Contact Us” for for Building Products manufacturers at the bottom right of the 3D Warehouse landing page.

The form does NOT appear unless you are logged in!

Cool, thanks, will do. Can you think of reasons to do this, other than the fact that models marked as ‘Products’ appear first in the 3D Warehouse?

This and the option to share private folders, have analytic data of the downloads, views and clicks and the possibility to manage your content by a much more efficient way…

Main reason to do it is that people who are creating scenes and happen to be using your products, can quickly find your official model of that exact product. It defaulting to Products does save the user a moment of time (if they are looking for products), and they need not go on to try Models, and find versions that are not exactly like the product.

Try to make your models be good though! Many manufacturers post models that are conversions from other formats, and take up a lot of resources as a SketchUp model.

@TheGuz is in charge of collaborating with manufacturers. Hopefully he will drop by to give opinions too.


@colin Thank you, that’s very useful.

I’ve tried to contact Sketchup tean via contact form, but no matter what input into message, the form says that my message is spammy, thus there’s no way for me to contact Sketchuo team.
@TheGuz Will you help me please?

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Message me with the email address you use for 3D Warehouse and I’ll send it to the verification team. Thank you!

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@TheGuz Thanks for that. It’s kind of embarassing to say, but I can’t find any option to message you. I’ve searched through your profile and I don’t see option to message you.
How can I do that ?

You might need another post or two to get your forum cred up before it messages are enabled for you.
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@box thank you for information. I still don’t have a right to send a message. @TheGuz I just emailed you.

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We’re moving to email correspondence now. Thanks for the help!

I am unable to contact you.
I am a ceramic company that uses 3D Warehouse and would like to be a verified company.
Could you contact me?

Boa tarde
Temos dois perfis no Warehouse e gostaríamos de solicitar as verificações das contas.
Poderia me orientar à respeito de como fazer?


Pedimos a verificação da conta Grupo Cedasa
Sou uma empresa de cerâmica que utiliza o Armazém 3D e gostaria de ser uma empresa verificada.
Você poderia nos auxiliar?

Poderia fazer a verificação da conta Grupo Cedasa:

It’s nothing to do with me!


Bom dia, a conta continua sem verificação. Poderia nos ajudar, por favor?

Ahh, it’s still in progress. Later today it should show up here: