How to avoid other object connection?

when i drag object into another object it follow such like.
how i can avoid such thing ?
sorry my bad english.

No video.
Sketchup geometry is sticky, to stop it sticking to other geometry you wrap it up as a group or component.
So select a relevant section of geometry, right click and select make group. This group will not stick to other geometry, but can be edited by entering the group for editing.


thanks it working! but sketchup is really tricky

Most people commenting here would disagree with you. Everything is tricky when you start (remember how difficult it was learning to ride a bike?). But it’s much easier to get started with Sketchup than most CAD software. It takes time to get proficient, as with anything.


as for riding a bike, the learning curve can be quite steep, especially up hill …


I started learning to ride a bike going downhill. That presents some interesting challenges, too. :smiley:


You quickly learnt the pucker grip!

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