How to adjust thickness of edge by object? Please help me

Hello, this is my first time using sketchup, so I’m asking you a question because I don’t know well. In general, I understand that the depth queue value can be adjusted when adjusting the edge thickness. I want to make the thickness of the edges different for each object. Is it possible? Especially in the figure below, when the purple column in the yellow circle increases the depth queue level, the edge becomes thicker and looks strange. I just want to make the edge of the purple column thinner while thickening the octahedral(pink three-dimensional structure) edge in the front. I would appreciate it if you could suggest another way.

Edge thickness adjust.skp (525.8 KB)

No. SketchUp uses edge thickness only as a visual cue: Edges (thinnest) are between two visible faces, Profiles are standalone edges or edges with one visible face. Section cut edges outline a section cut. Their relative thicknesses are set in style settings.

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