Any way to make edges thicker?


Hi everybody.

I’ve been a little away from computer last days.

Is there any way to make edges thicker?

I’d like it look like this:

pencil.skp (170.1 KB)

Thanks in advance as always.


There’s no way to change the thickness of non-profile edges. You might be able to use one of the Straight Line styles to get the effect you want.

Or, a less clean way would be to select each facet on the pencil individually and make it a component or group. Then set Profile Edges to something like 3 in the Edge settings for the style you are using.


I was afraid of that.
Thank you @DaveR :wink:


Maybe you could use a small offset on the yellow faces? And even colour it black?

You might have to work on a scaled up copy to avoid SU’s problem with creating very small edges


I liked very much that option :wink:
Thank you @john_mcclenahan


In the Pro version, you can place a view of the model on a LayOut page, and set a line thickness that is used to display and print it.


Thank you @Ansii, good to know.


In LayoUt you can also explode the viewport to control individual edges. However note that this kills the link to the SketchUp model so you can’t reload the model once this is done. You also need to set the viewport to either Vector or Hybrid for this to work.


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