How to adjust material without having to apply it again to see changes?

In this example I’m adjusting the opacity. After moving the slider I have to click on the surface again with the bucket tool to see the new setting take effect.

I thought at one point I was able to just adjust the opacity slider and instantly see the change take place without having to go back and use the bucket tool.

Is there a way for me to adjust the opacity slider and see the changes right away without having to go back to the bucket tool?


Click on the little house icon to the Left of Colors-Named. Select the material in the Colors in Model library and then adjust the slider.

Hmm, I still must not be doing it right.

Now I remember, had to click the edit button too haha, thanks!

My apologies. I forgot that point. I don’t have my Mac powered up at the moment so I was doing it from memory.

Why so many colors in your model?

Because I don’t know what I’m doing? :slight_smile:
I think each time I was adjusting the opacity before and then using the bucket tool to see the changes it was adding it as another new color, not sure but that’s what I’m thinking was happening.

I think you’re right.

Go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused.

The things I learned tonight. :slight_smile:

After right clicking and removing them all one by one I read your reply.
It’s always great to learn of a better way. So I “undo” and look at Window>Model Info>Statistics.

Sure enough lots of unused material listed, click Purge Unused.



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