How to accurately join two pieces of cut wood

I’m building a structure with wood. When I take a beam (6x6) and cut a 45 degree angle off of the end by using the Protractor and Tape Measure tools, when I try and join the 45 degree end with another piece of wood it will not align perfectly, let alone ‘snap to it’.

The wood is in its own group and when I select it it becomes highlighted with blue but the highlight is of the original piece before it was cut. This has something to do with why I cannot connect it.

Could you share the SKP file so we can see what you’re trying to do?

Generally you would want to grab the group at a point or corner that will correspond to a point or corner on the other group and move the first to the second.

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The blue highlight is the rectangular bounding box of the selection. With the shape you are using, it will look like the original non-mitered version of the beam. You can’t select corners of the bounding box for moving the beam, but you should still be able to select vertices on the beam itself and snap them to inferences on the other beam, as @DaveR showed.

Very sorry that I have not replied until now. After I posted this work got crazy. I will try your suggestion and I’m sure it will work as I was not grabbing from the right spot.


Life happens.

By the way, you might find it saves you a bunch of work and time if you draw the parts in place so you can use the neighboring parts as references. And leverage the power of components. I used two different methods for creating the miters. Neither required any measurements because I used the neighboring parts for reference.


About the last .gif.
Did you make individual components first and then you joined them before editing them individually?

That wouldn’t be drawing them in place, would it?

I drew the part along the red axis first and made it a component. Then I drew the one along the green axis and made it a component, Each was copied to make its counterpart and those were flipped along the appropriate axis.

OOOk now I get it :slight_smile:
You draw a piece and “inmediatly” you made it a component before create the new one.

Thanks DaveR, good lesson:

  • Make components as soon as possible.
  • Always you draw something, draw it where you want to place it if it’s possible.

Yes to both of those. Make a component of each discrete piece that you would have to make if you were building it in reality if that’s appropriate to the model. Make it a component before you move on to draw the next part and don’t move stuff if you can draw it in place. That saves you a create deal of time and reduces the chances of errors.

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