How extract data from a sketchup 3D model?



Hello everyone i’m working on a project and i need to extract data from a 3D model, and i don’t now if there is a specific language that allows it or i can use any developing language (java for example) ?
I’m searching for any tutorials that may help.
Thnx in advance.


Sure is. The language is Ruby and the place to start is

What sort of output do you need?


thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
i still don’t have exact information about the output but it may be geographical information.
i’ll post the exact type of output when i get more details.


File > Export > 3D Model…


hello there,
i need to obtain a word/pdf document containing information of a building model created using sketchup, those information may be (facade and roofing surfaces,orientations,types … and rooms volumes …).
Also how can i dynamically color facades based on types or surfaces ?

thnx in advance.


hello i’m working on an urgent project and i need to axtract a word or pdf report containing information
such as walls surface rooms volumes and roofs orientations of a house model made using sketchup
how can i do that ? and how can i calculate automaticaly those surafces, volumes and walls orientations
thank you a lot .


not by design but you may want try the plugins SU2XL and LLS Zone or a full blown BIM extension like BIMUp 5D or PlusSpec for doing that.


ok thank you i’ll try them, i’m a beginner in sketchup and i need this reporting for a very urgent project


in general no good combination…