How does the 3D warehouse work?

I’m a beginner and I don’t quite understand how the warehouse works. I’m on a 30 day trial of Pro and I’ll probably buy it if I like it. Right now, the 3D is a bit much but I haven’t been able to find any 2D with strong capabilities. I want to add three 15’ folding door units to my model. I downloaded Marvin’s foldable door unit and it opened in Sketchup.

But I don’t know how to use it

I noticed it said PRO next to my nic, I put that down as the version I have, that’s what I’m supposed to do…right. I didn’t want folks thinking I was claiming a moniker I haven’t achieved.l

And please tell me how to get the options list on the right side of the software to appear. I turned it off in err and haven’t been able to add it back


Thank God there is lots of info on the net concerning Sketchup Simply click on SHOW TRAY

Boy that opened up a new world. Let’s see if I can figure out how to install these doors in that 3D model you sent me…the pressures on :yum:

I managed to download it from the warehouse and it’s on a sketchup screen. I followed a tutorial and saw how it was downloaded right into model file if I used the menus. But when I tried to download it it said no go…I think that’s because I’m on a trial version. Anyway around this?

If I cough bu the three bills… what are the extensions like? Can I set the door size and take off the grid they show in the sample? How adaptable are these models?

You can model anything you can imagine on sketchup. What you’re trying to download is a dynamic component, you can interact with this kind of models, so you click on it using the dynamic component interact tool and the panels of the door will fold, you can also create your own dynamic component that fit your needs, it’s not something for a beginner l, you must lear the basics first so you understand how the program works and it will make it easier to learn how to create a dynamic component.

The dynamic components tools are already installed on sketchup by default, you must just activate it so you can see the tool on your screen or use the upper menus, the interact tool is the hand with a pointing finger.

The general opinion leans towards learn, learn, learn. I’ll start a thread asking the best tutorials to learn from.

Finding out that dynamic extensions are even fancier than I thought, makes me want them more. I own a Window Company and Marvin has pedigree. Marvin had plugins built to display there products…so they’ll get the sale. Well over a $50,000 sale…smart company

Thank you