How do you undo a group after it has been created?

I created a group but I want to go back or discard the group without deleting my drawing.
How do you stop group setting but not delete your current drawing?

Groups can be selected and deleted, or exploded by right clicking, then selecting Explode.

See if this helps you…

Ok, thanks for that info. I watched all the videos, however they did not explain how to back up from creating a group. once it is created you can only delete it, which means starting over with your model. That’s ok by watching the videos I was able to correct my issue/problem within the group I am working with. Thanks again for your response.

As mentioned by @TheOnlyAaron above, right click on the grouped geometry and select ‘Explode’ in the context menu that pops up.

… or double click to open the group and manipulate however you like.

Ok I see what you mean. I did use explode and it got rid of the group. Thanks very much.

Keep in mind that exploding the group isn’t always the best option. If you only need to make changes to the geometry inside the group it is generally better to open the group for editing and make the changes.

I understand, thank you

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