How do we calculate lineal feet for curving lines with many segments?

Could someone tell me how to calculate lineal feet in SketchUp Pro?
I tried touching the labeling tool to the line, but it will only calculate one segment of the line and I cannot select the entire line. I need to get the total lineal feet.

Select all the segments of the line and look at the Entity Info window. It will tell you the number of segments and the total length.

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Select any combination of edges and look in Entity Info (right-click > Entity Info).


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Hello, thanks very much for your reply. It worked well!

if you’re using the info to buy materials, make sure to get a bit extra than listed since the length of segments will be less than length of curve.
(if it’s a sketchup arc or circle-- true curve length will be reported)

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Good point Jeff. I didn’t want to bother mentioning the exception of arcs and circles but this is truly a valid point, not to be forgotten.

Thanks, Jeff. I am using the info for a cost estimate. How much more (say, per 100 ft) should I add? Also does the same apply to area calculations?
Thanks again!

it’s not as big a discrepancy as i originally imagined it would be… especially if the polylines are highly segmented… so really, a few inches per/ hundred feet would do…

length_compare.skp (106.2 KB)

Thanks a lot, Jeff. Very useful to know this!