How do I subtract a part of a object to create a lip around the edge?



I’m trying to create a replacement cover for a battery compartment and dont know how to subtract part of my object so I have a backing plate with a 3mm lip around the edge.

I have created a solid rectangular that is 89mm wide by 68mm long and is 7mm deep but I can’t work out how to subtract part of the object so there is a 4mm high lip around the edge which is 3mm wide so it fits snugly around the compartment.

I want to decrease the depth of the red section by 4mm with a 3mm lip left around the edge so I can fit it onto the compartment.

Can anyone give me a step by step on how to do this?

I am fairly computer savvy but have no experience of building objects in 3D.

Any help gratefully accepted!


One way would be:
Draw a rectangle 89 by 68 mm (89mm,68mm ENTER)
Pull its face up 3mm (3mm ENTER)
Offset the top face perimeter by 3mm inward (3mm ENTER)
Pull up the outer ring by 4mm (4mm ENTER)


Awesome, that worked perfectly!!

Thank you so much :sunglasses: