How do I make post apocalyptic (ruined) buildings?

Hello! I’m trying to use sketchup to make 3d assets for my blender environment. It works beautifully for my normal buildings, but I don’t really know how to make post apocalyptic buildings, and I can’t seem to find any tutorials on it.

By “post apocalyptic” I mean the usual partially destroyed kind. No roofs, broken walls, that sort of thing. There’s sketchup file here has accomplished what I want, so I think its possible at least:

You can nose around the city and see some of the ruins. How would I achieve the same result for my buildings?

You would have to model the building first, and then model the destruction part.
Offcourse if items like the roof are missing completely you wouldn’t have to model them in the first place, but things like holes or cracks in the walls can be modelled or you could achieve the same effect with textures. That would be faster and probably better for keeping your filesize down, but you would not be able to look through the hole! it’s just a picture of a hole then.

Check out SketchyPhysics or MSPhysics extensions. Each allows you to, say, build a wall made of bricks and then knock it over…resulting in a hole+rubble. See performance test between the two - MSPhysics vs. SketchyPhysics Performance - YouTube

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I took a look at the file you posted. The geometry is actually pretty simple. In my opinion, the majority of what is completing the look is the textures in use. If all you need to do is generate the geometry, then the others here are correct, but good texture work is what will really make the design stand out. Do you have some additional images of what you are going for or perhaps a work in progress file you can share?

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